BOAT LIFE: Heading back out to Sea
She doesn't want to sail anymore..
BOAT LIFE: 24 Hours at Sea
3 ай мурун
We Need Some Time Apart
5 ай мурун
BOAT LIFE: Baby proofing the boat.
6 ай мурун
BOAT LIFE: Our Nighttime Routine
BOAT LIFE: A New Beginning!  Ep.246
Some SECRETS we’ve been keeping!!!
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BOAT LIFE: How We Sleep.
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Leroy Jones
Leroy Jones 6 саат мурун
Rich peoples problems.... overstaying visas while travelling the world
Michaelsfabwork 7 саат мурун
Great video as always. Takecare and stay safe.
Hardrock UK
Hardrock UK 7 саат мурун
Hey Elaine and Riley I am oliver i am thinking of buying a catamaran. I wonder if I can ould meet up with you perhaps when COVID-19 carms down.. I would love to get some practice
Hardrock UK
Hardrock UK 7 саат мурун
Hi raily
kloparen 7 саат мурун
Apart from giving me an ulcer, for the nightmare start, it turned out to be the best episode in a long while. Great work! And for the record, being European, I can’t think of anyone I’d like more to be on our waters. I’m looking into adopting you all..
Alessandro Barbato
Alessandro Barbato 8 саат мурун
dear guys, what you have told is a very common scam ..... many people send these emails (fishing ....) saying I offer you 10 million dollars ..... etc. a great huge Alex! P.S. I love to warch our video....they give me a great sense of freedom!!
Millie Apperley
Millie Apperley 8 саат мурун
So much serotonin from these videos!
B D 8 саат мурун
Please share the playlist the “vagabond video-musiclist” on spotify. Reason why I whatch your videos Nice pics Nice voIces- calming Missing traveling Most importantly the combination of calming music and the pics!!!!! Nice storys Very handsome/pretty folk Keep up the good work
David King
David King 8 саат мурун
d p
d p 8 саат мурун
I've been watching you all for a year or two now, and the absolute best moment I've seen was in this episode of Lenny pointing at daddy drinking a corona saying "BEE-AH, BEE-AHH" (beer with an Australian accent). How precious was that!
Zero Fox
Zero Fox 8 саат мурун
Congratulations! What a wonderful life some little soul is about to enter. God bless you all abundantly 🙏
Abdul Malik
Abdul Malik 8 саат мурун
Congrats dear...
tylor vella
tylor vella 9 саат мурун
Where you pregnant when you climb the volcano 🌋 ?
Malaysiabangsat Sultanpartybabikafir
Malaysiabangsat Sultanpartybabikafir 9 саат мурун
Your son now so big 😀👍
20xornothing 9 саат мурун
One of my Fav episodes. What a sweet man..
Clayton Vlogs
Clayton Vlogs 10 саат мурун
Go flat our back to England maybe
Clayton Vlogs
Clayton Vlogs 10 саат мурун
Mr Freeze
Mr Freeze 11 саат мурун
he is what Ron jeremy used to look like.
redhughdl 11 саат мурун
Gallagher is pronounced Gal A Her not Gal A Grr
Lowanna Hugall
Lowanna Hugall 11 саат мурун
I so appreciate this video I’m a “women” and you have shown me a new view thanks!
The Tuna
The Tuna 12 саат мурун
Good job Lenny, still got your hands on the massive truck
Greg Appelgren
Greg Appelgren 12 саат мурун
As of today, come to America to live illegally in fact VOTE while here.
Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw 12 саат мурун
Your Little Boy Lenny is so cute .
Гадание на воске. Древний Мир.Ancient knowledge.
Гадание на воске. Древний Мир.Ancient knowledge. 13 саат мурун
Гадание на воске. Древний Мир.Ancient knowledge.
Гадание на воске. Древний Мир.Ancient knowledge. 13 саат мурун
Ребята - Вы классные!!!! Спасибо!!
B D 13 саат мурун
You must put out a sailing vagabonde spotify music list, love the music choices on your videos
THIS IS SAIGON 13 саат мурун
Been Watched your stuff without commenting for a long time, Love your new style of video, something very fresh about it this episode! ! Not sure if it was intentional or not, but it looks great! nice work guys!
L. Taylor
L. Taylor 14 саат мурун
Loved that! Thanks Riles!
Ted Kidd
Ted Kidd 15 саат мурун
Get a Nuwave portable induction stove as backup. $75.
Jeff Temple
Jeff Temple 15 саат мурун
Congratulations to you both, Lenny will be so excited. We just became grandparents again to baby Freyja - a sister for Ruan! Ruan is 6 and over the moon with his sister.
Craig Mardon
Craig Mardon 15 саат мурун
Thread a paper clip through the tube of the thong and let it sit underneath ... always a good fix 👌
Mary Rankin
Mary Rankin 16 саат мурун
your kill'n it kids. loved this video and the music!
ZipperTx 16 саат мурун
Surface Interval Live
Surface Interval Live 16 саат мурун
Thank you so so much for this info!!! I'm "a lady" diver who has had dreams of mini documentaries regarding marine conservation and rehabilitation. I've been seriously looking at Catamarans but have felt overwhelmed. This is so helpful! Any extra advice is GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you, thank you!
dylanjj 16 саат мурун
Editing game is so good
Lydia Maeser
Lydia Maeser 16 саат мурун
could you make a pantry/ closet tour??
williby coyote
williby coyote 16 саат мурун
Amazed at how good the production of these videos are! Best channel on KGpost. Much love from Georgia, happy sailing!
Seymourbutts Esquire
Seymourbutts Esquire 17 саат мурун
This! This right here is a gem. It's also something I've always been curious about. Who else is out there? I would love, love to hear old sailor stories. I'm sure they have tons. Maybe not living legends like Yrvind but I'm sure there are those who sailed into obscurity but have seen and done so much. Kudos to you both for doing this.
Joe Goins
Joe Goins 17 саат мурун
It's all one 🌎
andie watson
andie watson 17 саат мурун
I relate to his walk trying not to let that flip flop piece come out! Haha you can put a bread tag on it in a pinch to give it another day of life haha
Jim Bigner
Jim Bigner 17 саат мурун
The boat is EU and it kidnapped you all!
Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad 17 саат мурун
Thanks for posting this! Im just now watching this episode and its so inspiring! I recently bought an old S2 and have been living on it for a few months. I have been really loving it :] I just write code for work and spend all my time outdoors. Thanks so much : ]
Chris Bonner
Chris Bonner 17 саат мурун
That kind of sailing is great.
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown 17 саат мурун
So this is weird and unrelated to this episode, but I was just recalling when they got their new baby carrier. Anyone remember the brand? For the life of me I can’t find the episode it was in and I know it wasn’t long ago... :-/
Danny Lawhon
Danny Lawhon 17 саат мурун
play some guitar
Robert Jeter
Robert Jeter 18 саат мурун
Now your international criminals I knew this was coming! Think you 3 should be jailed, fined and caned. Hahaha !
Genevieve Lucy V
Genevieve Lucy V 18 саат мурун
omg watching this in 2021 with you at 1.5 million subscribers. Imagine being able to read this comment back then 🤯 You're beautiful, incredible people and thank you for sharing so much with us!!
Surface Reflection
Surface Reflection 18 саат мурун
Definitely one of the best episodes. That was just... fantastic.
Tamas Kiss
Tamas Kiss 18 саат мурун
You ever hear of the microwave oven?
Cure MSM
Cure MSM 18 саат мурун
Im INLOVE with the hospitality from everyone, such amazing vibes 🙏❤
pippilottahoppetosse 19 саат мурун
Hope you have given up on north atlantic sailing for now. With pregnant lady and a todler on board....
A. S.
A. S. 19 саат мурун
For some reason I got a bit emotional watching you guys disclose this :') Been watching since 2016, so I suppose it's nice almost growing up with you and seeing you become real adults.. with kids and shit aha! Almost 27 and I've watched you guys do what I would love to do, and it just makes me happy seeing you guys live it! Maybe one day I could follow suit, however, I've been with my Mrs for 10 years and she can't be without family so I probably won't be able to... so you guys are doing it for me :') Keep it going guys, I'm sure you'll do great with another crying poop machine ;) Much love!
Boo B
Boo B 19 саат мурун
🙏💕💕 💕💕🙏 ⛵️⛵️ ⛵️⛵️ 💕💕💕💕 ⛵️⛵️⛵️ 💕💕 ⛵️ Truly amazing Wow
Kiri Hemmingson
Kiri Hemmingson 19 саат мурун
@2:08 when you’re holding the jandal plug in with your toes while walking 🤣🤣🤣 we’ve all been there brother
Dianna Sloyer Solano
Dianna Sloyer Solano 20 саат мурун
Read a great book. Lenny is gonna need choices soon to "feel" as though he gets to make choices. If he MUST hold hands but wont...a great phrase is...do you want your feet on the ground...or in the air? One is you holding hands...he focuses on his feet. the other is you pick him up. Helped me in the parking lots with a three year old lots.
Cape Fear Family Law
Cape Fear Family Law 20 саат мурун
Sasha Sturgess
Sasha Sturgess 20 саат мурун
can't believe i've only just discovered you guys... just binged half my evening away! love it! congrats on the baby :)))))
Manu Strombolys
Manu Strombolys 20 саат мурун
Guys I’ve never been wrong 100% Lenny is going to have a beautiful sister! Congrats
Jean marie montigny
Jean marie montigny 20 саат мурун
No sailboat engine , autopilot and no cooking gaz , La Vagabone is for sale plus running away from the cops this is the life for me !!!...Cold Coffee and yeah still eating cold salads ...Just love you guy`s ...
Ally Wiseman
Ally Wiseman 20 саат мурун
Riley reminds me of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Melissa Daily
Melissa Daily 20 саат мурун
Congrats on your new addition to your lovely family!
William Manna
William Manna 20 саат мурун
there is a bracelet available that you wear & it sends off impulses that stop the queasiness & nausea......a lot of people having chemotherapy wear it & they swear by it.......good luck!!
Manon Berthelot
Manon Berthelot 21 саат мурун
La Vagabonde Dad's channel PLEEEEASE ❤️It would be so so cool Riley ! 🤩 And congrats for the big news for the three of you 🙂
Sheepdog 21 саат мурун
Elayna, you can steer that boat. I'm so glad to see you are doing well.
tobeyntucker 21 саат мурун
You guys are the best ..
johnnytheprick 21 саат мурун
gday guys, ive been watching your vids for the past week and am find them inspiring. you guys appear to have a wonderful relationship, but as noted in one of your episodes, "distance makes the heart grow fonder". watching lenny grow has got me clucky. hes such a beautiful happy kid and i couldnt think of cooler parents.hes a very lucky kid. ive noticed that you guys always seem to run out of gas and have trouble filling your bottle/bottles. if i were you, id go electric. ever thought of going totally solar? not only that, what about a wind turbine? cant wait to see lenny teach his little bro or sis the ropes.
T.I.V 21 саат мурун
The drama queens strike again__________ Don't come to the states!
WolfKenneth 21 саат мурун
You guys are lucky you overstayed in EU not in USA that would hurt
Surface Reflection
Surface Reflection 22 саат мурун
Clean the carburetor in the outboard.
Flo Rian
Flo Rian 22 саат мурун
When are you guys coming to Tenerife? We're here since October - staying and working in Puerto de la Cruz to escape the cold German Winter. Loving your videos. Who knows...maybe we'll see you somewhere around... cheers.
tobeyntucker 22 саат мурун
It’s like heavy and it’s metal ... RAAAA!!! .. lol
Surface Reflection
Surface Reflection 22 саат мурун
Oh, oh, wait! i have to make a coffee before that attempt to go in with one engine. Haha. Ok, ready! You know, this episode was just right. Its just one of those times on a boat isnt it? The stupid issues just keep coming at you, you're walking around one foot bare, police is coming to get you any time, total deportation is looming and you just get that itch to sail the f away, but then it just keeps going on, 40 instead of 17, engine chokes up, autopilot goes barmy, yet the mood is feisty, and so everything turns feisty. The music choice was just right. Alright, mooring! edit: Nice and smooth. Straight up. Good job Elena. You did not know if there will be such a good spot going in. Maybe buy a second shoe to that sailor for jumping out and pulling everything in, some day. No rush. It does bring back some memories.
tobeyntucker 23 саат мурун
You folks are my hero’s..
Eil Marchini
Eil Marchini 23 саат мурун
Feeling you about the gas xD
Bamboo Forest
Bamboo Forest 23 саат мурун
I liked the little beach near to that 2nd marina at canical. One of the only natural sand beaches I think.
Dee Snider
Dee Snider 23 саат мурун
Was Lenny saying “BEER” “BEER” 😆😆
Rachel Capon
Rachel Capon 23 саат мурун
Did not see that coming, epic news. Many many congratulations!
Arnold Chan
Arnold Chan 23 саат мурун
An endless summer of love. Cool.
Arnold Chan
Arnold Chan 23 саат мурун
Music is getting better.
Paddy Boy
Paddy Boy 23 саат мурун
You two are awesome!!
Lizza Zweig
Lizza Zweig 23 саат мурун
With all the BS going on POLITICAL, I have found you guys to be my sanity and escape. I'm a single lady, would love to be able to do as you guys have done, but your show has shown me the reality of sailing...holding out for a partner